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 To new members
Posted by mit - 05-8-08 17:52 - 2 comments
You need to make one reply in another topic before you're allowed to post new topics, to help eliminate bots.

Just thought it should be said somewhere.
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 KG's Third Anniversary - October 17th
Posted by Solarrain4 - 10-11-07 21:50 - 0 comments
In case you guys haven't noticed, Kousou's third anniversary is coming up next Wednesday, the seventeenth. (EDIT 10/17: Link to the article removed. The article should be posted on the main site by the end of the day). And I'm only annou ...read more
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Posted by mit - 07-26-07 12:12 - 5 comments
Note to all members (yes, all three of them!):

- I'm going away for a week, will be back around august 3rd.

- Stuff is happening. The team has decided to release the JZ demo around the end of august regardless of whate ...read more
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 The Super Prune :O
Posted by mit - 02-17-07 11:22 - 13 comments
Deleted all members with 0 or 1 posts. Meh.
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 The New Theme
Posted by mit - 01-14-07 10:28 - 10 comments
Just in case anyone's not noticed, this forum has a new skin to it, yay!

It's here to match the new site layout, which uses the same kind of images on the corners of the border, and stuff.

So this is the "offi ...read more
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 Main site is mighty fine
Posted by mit - 03-12-06 12:58 - 0 comments
As you may have noticed, recently the main site has been quite slow. Very slow, sometimes more than 20 seconds page creation time. But finally, I found what was doing it.

Everyone thought it was our server, being slow an' all, but it ...read more
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 The TNZ Video Games of the Year awards
Posted by master K - 01-8-06 18:10 - 4 comments
Well, we decided to sponsor these awards.
As part of our agreement you should all sign up at The Nintendo Zone
You could just win a cameo a ...read more
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 Happy Aniversary!
Posted by mit - 10-17-05 15:12 - 0 comments
It's been a year since master K's games was founded, strangely, by master K.

I hope that by next year the improvements made over this year are equalled, since we've done a lot this year. And since confused games is no longer ...read more
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 Forum re-order
Posted by mit - 07-11-05 16:52 - 7 comments
Well, we re-ordered the forums. Duplicate rule topics and such are going to be delted as soon as... we can be bothered. There's also a lot of forums which appear empty because the topics in them are from a different forum and old...

H ...read more
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 Skin is done.
Posted by mit - 05-19-05 15:43 - 6 comments
Well, i now announce that the new skin is finished. Found a problem? well tell us!
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